by on April 18, 2017 in poetry

I am unsure how I would like to enjoy you

Are you an appetizer
A palate cleanser
A sense awakener
A simple teaser, not quite enough to soothe my hunger
But enough to get me in the mood
For what is to come

Are you a delicacy
An encounter to be savored
With intensity
Imbibing and inhaling every
Hovering on my tongue
As if this time might be the last

Or are you merely a snack
A mindless choice
I grab out of sheer hunger
Something to fill that void in between

Or just something to graze on
Touching and tasting
Consuming dispassionately
While my mind is elsewhere

Or Maybe, just maybe
you are the main course
My true destination
A plate filled with every sort of savory delight
So well-prepared and presented
And laid out in front of me
Leaving me to decide how I want to delve in
Do I devour you quickly or
Do I have enough restraint to sit and inhale
For just a moment
Reveling in each and every flavor of you
Set out for me to explore
To feast upon
To digest

And perhaps I will leave some
to take home
and enjoy the rest of you

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